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Oconee County Library’s new home

Wire Park will the new home of the Oconee County Library! Wire Park is shaping up to be a place where community will get together in so many ways, this being a special one.
Below you can read Wire Park’s announcement.
We’re so thrilled and deeply humbled to have been chosen as the site for the new home for the Oconee County Library. This is the result of a true team effort, from so many community residents lending their voices in support of our plans to local leaders speaking out so passionately on our behalf.
When we first had the idea of extending an offer to host the library, we did so because we strongly believed it fit the vision we have for Wire Park — one where the community can gather to live and learn, work and play. The library’s inclusion at Wire Park will enable its visitors and supporters to see it thrive in a vibrant mixed-use development that will be active and engaged throughout the year.
The Oconee County Library is an institution in our community, and we believe it would have served our community well at either location. We’re thankful for just the opportunity to be a part of this important discussion, and now we look forward to working with local leaders to craft a one-of-a-kind experience for the Oconee County Library.

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