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NOW OPEN! Wire Park Condo’s Reservation Process

We are so excited that you are interested in living at Wire Park as it will truly be the most memorable mixed use development in the history of Oconee County. Due to massive interest in the residential component of Wire Park, we have tried to create a process where everyone has plenty of time and a fair shake. The process will be as follows : 

– On June 3, 2021 we will hold the lottery to determine choice order. Only people who have submitted applications and have deposits on file will be in this lottery for selection order. You do not need to be present during the lottery. As we draw names we will post them on a board and online. If your name is drawn, we will be personally notifying you. Please keep in mind that there will be various base price points throughout the 56 condominium locations and those price points will be based on size and location. If you get a low number in the lottery it does not mean you will not get the unit you want as we have had people express interest in different building locations and price points since we began this project. Once we have established the choosing order via the live lottery, anyone who wishes to continue on toward home ownership at Wire Park will be required to make another $10,000 refundable earnest money deposit by June 17, 2021. 
– On July 12, 2021 we will go through the lottery order one by one with each person in the order that they were drawn at the June 3 lottery. We will have each and every unit base priced on the website and will be reaching out to applicants in advance of this date to answer questions. As the various units get chosen we will note those in real time on our website and our staff will be talking to people on the phone as well. When your turn comes you will know which units are still available and which have been chosen. If you decide that none of the remaining options work for you, then you can cancel your reservation spot and receive a full refund of your $15,000. If you decide to go forward and choose an available unit at Wire Park then we will immediately send you a Purchase and Sale contract to read over and sign. Once you return that document we will be binding and you own the right to buy that particular unit at Wire Park. Once we have a binding contract then your $15,000 earnest money will become hard and non-refundable. Within ten business days an additional $10,000 will need to be deposited in that same non-refundable escrow account for a total of $25,000 in earnest money toward the purchase price of your condominium. 
– If there are more than 56 people who put in applications with deposits then we will have an ordered waiting list. 
– If less than 56 people go forward with a Purchase and Sale Agreement then we will open the application process back up for the remaining units available. 
– Our team will meet with you either in person or via Zoom after July 12, 2021 to go over interior choices and upgrade options. We are shooting for a summer of 2022 move in so there should be plenty of time for these things. 
– Throughout the process, our team will be available to answer questions and help with anything related to Wire Park. 
Wow, that’s a lot to process ! Again, due to demand we wanted to make this fair and give everyone plenty of time to make their decisions regarding living at Wire Park. We hope you are as excited as we are and See You At Wire Park! 



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