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Home Staging Stats

People buy on emotion and the feeling they get when viewing your house. The importance of setting the stage creating that emotion for the buyer is huge.

Procter & Gamble did a study of buyer behaviors and discovered the most important characteristics of a home buyer are:

  • 69% Location
  • 12% Curb Appeal
  • 10% Homey Fell
  • 9% Size

Note: 78% of the buyer’s buying decision is already predetermined. In the study they also discovered the most important factors for the buyers first impressions of a home’s interior were:

  • Cleanliness, Clutter and Odor 35%
  • Decor 21%
  • Condition & Lighting 16%
  • Floor Plan 15%
  • Rooms 13%

Note: 72% of home buyer’s first impressions and feelings can be controlled by the seller with the use of effective home www. When you are ready to sell your home, Team Reign can help you with www.

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